Wu Chun recreates "The Bodyguard" with Patty Hou

[Updated w/ Eng Sub MV] “The Bodyguard” might sound a little ancient for the young ones, but Wu Chun is certainly old enough to remember this 1992 classic! The Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston movie was the source of inspiration for Fahrenheit's latest music video, “心疼妳的心疼 (roughly translates to ‘My heart aches because your heart aches’). Wu Chun not only stars in it, he also conceived the storyline of a “Bodyguard Falling in Love With an Anchorwoman”. Like all great melodramas, their love was doomed from the beginning as she was engaged already.

In the music video, Wu Chun plays the handsome bodyguard, while the engaged-in-real-life Patty Hou plays the anchorwoman of his dreams. It is actually the first time Wu Chun has been the lead of a Fahrenheit MV. He laughed, “It’s finally my turn, Jiro Wang in ‘Stay With Me’ and Aaron Yan in ‘Lonesome Spirit’ were both leads in the videos. At last, I’m taking the stage.”

As the bodyguard, his character is required to drive his anchorwoman around, possibly because they couldn't afford another driver.  He takes her to the bridal shop for her wedding gown fitting, and tries to stop a random crazy fan from kidnapping her. During a self-defence lesson, he almost dislocates her shoulder while showing her his wicked moves.

Patty Hou said she was deeply impressed by their collaboration, “We shot a scene at an ambulance for the last take. Wu Chun must leave after successfully completing his mission. His gaze gave off this feeling of his heart aching for a woman. A type of manly sense of responsibility emerged, and made me experience his heartache.”

[UPDATED w/ Eng Subs] See Wu Chun protect his woman in the MV:

And here's the ending of “The Bodyguard” in case if anyone is interested...“And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~~~~~~~will always love youuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~

Source: Libertytimes, videos from 77Amika's Channel and fchin49's Channel

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