Will Pan regrets posing nude for commercial during youth

Reflecting back to his youthful past, the now 30 year old Taiwanese singer/actor Will Pan probably wishes he could turn back the hands of time. Back when the famous entertainer was starting out in the industry at the age of 19, Will took part in a drink advertisement that involved him being filmed in the nude, with nothing but a strategically placed object to cover little Will. With a pay of NT$15,000 (US$472) coming off his commercial shoot, it pales immensely to his current worth of millions of dollars.

After taking part in the risque advertisement, Will vowed never to show off his skin so easily ever again. And even though the singer/actor has given female audiences glimpses of his pleasing upper body in idol dramas "Miss No Good" and "Endless Love", Will has done so without revealing his nipples. Even close-up shots of his bare legs are attributed to the director's. The reason for Will's more conservative take is so that he does not risk his lucrative endorsements, playing it safe to the point where he does not even do photobooks. That is also why Will Pan demanded that clothes stay on during his bed scene with Nemi Sumiya in "Endless Love", where the two actors shot the intimate scene under the covers of a blanket.

Source: The Liberty Times

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