Weibird Wei puts the fire out of Frankie Gao’s phoenix

Weibird Wei
surprised Kang Xi Lai Le with a unplugged cover of Frankie Gao’s 1982 classic, “Burn, Phoenix! Burn!” Frankie might not be too happy about this as Weibird completely extinguished the “fire” of the phoenix. Host Dee Hsu commented, “I can just picture Frankie running care freely in a grass field.” Weibird’s folk-style cover received mixed reviews as the song lost its original “cheesiness” – which is what some people love about it till this day. Special guest David Huang expressed, “It’s very new and refreshing. It made me forget about the original.”

We suggest you watch the original and get a taste of Frog Prince Frankie Gao’s greatness before jumping to the folky version.

And now, here's Weibird...

For those who are interested, Yen-J was also on the show and performed Lady Gaga's p-p-p-poker face...

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