Weibird Wei makes his first variety appearance since album release

The talented Weibird Wei has been a virtual no-show on the variety circuit since his album came out in June. It’s an unusual marketing strategy since most singers, especially newcomers, go on every possible show to promote their new releases. It looks like he is finally ready to show off his variety side with upcoming appearances on One Million Singer and Kangxi Lai Le.

Weibird Wei along with Tien Fu Chen (aka Hebe) participated in the One Million Singer taping this week. Both were going on their first major variety after they officially debuted as singers (or a solo singer in her case.) The producer previously said Weibird Wei deserves a good spanking for turning down all sort of variety programs. Therefore, he is trying to make it up to them by giving his “virgin-show" to One Million Singer.

Weibird Wei impressed host Harlem Yu by calling him the God of Songs from his heart. It was enough to earn him praises from the veteran confirming that he is indeed suitable for variety. The first-time guest wasn't as confident when it came to his lyrics challenge. He said, “I’d be happy if I can make it through the first round!” It sounds relatively easy, but Super Idol judge Chen Guo Hua once infamously failed on his first song years ago. His image still magically appears on screen every time the topic comes up.

As some might still recall, Weibird Wei was already a variety regular (in a sense) when he took part in the Super Sunday singing contest in 2007. Kangxi host Kevin Tsai was so impressed with his talent that he invited the eventual winner to be on his show numerous times. However, Weibird Wei thought his personality wouldn’t be able to accommodate the show’s “humor” at the time. Now that he is finally going on Kangxi, he said he is so stressed that he is waking up in the middle of his dreams.

Source: Nownews, UDN

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