Weibird Wei impresses the audience on One Million Singer

As reported earlier, Weibird Wei made his first TV appearance on One Million Singer after his debut album release. The singer songwriter was a little shaky on the show due to nervousness, but still received many praises for his singing by other special guests on the show that night.

Weibird managed to get to round 6, where he lost on Jay Chou’s KTV hit, “The Promised Happiness” as he ran out of help lines.

In the “acoustic guitar folk songs” (3rd) round, Weibird decided to perform “Ah Mei Ah Mei”. He revealed that because his mom’s name is also called “Ah Mei”, his father used to sing the song to his mom a lot. “Class rep” Nono immediately brought Weibird’s guitar on stage and joked, “I’m inviting Weibird to play the guitar while I sing.” Luckily, he wasn’t serious. Instead of singing to the original music track, Weibird gave a special performance on his guitar.  Weibird performed the song with ease and even continued playing after he already passed the missing lyrics part. Host Harlem Yu made fun, “Where are we, a folk song pub? You couldn’t stop singing until the end?”

(Go from the beginning if you want to watch the entire part for Weibird, and click here for part 2)

Video: sugoideas

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