Weibird gives stunning performance of "Have You Ever"

Weibird Wei was invited to Asian Million Star (the Hong Kong version of One Million Star) to perform as a special guest. Host Jerry Lamb asked Weibird why it took 3 years for him to release his debut album. Weibird, who also came out from a singing competition, explained that he once doubt his own talent during the competition; but after a long break he realized that he likes singing very much, so he continued to work on his music and finally debuted this year. Host Bowie Tsang, who is also his senior from National Taiwan University, immediately comforted, “I know you already have a fan waiting anxiously for you to sing…he is our judge Brian Chow, who also rushed to hear you during your rehearsal.”

Weibird performed his first single, “Have You Ever”, playing his own accompaniment on the acoustic guitar, stunning the audience.

Check out the performance below:

Coincidently, it was also the same day that veteran Taiwanese singer “Xiao Ge” Fei Yu-Ching was having a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Weibird took the opportunity to see his idol in concert and snapped a photo of himself with Xiao Ge’s poster.

Besides performing his classics, Xiao Ge also performed Stefanie Sun’s “Meeting” and Angela Chang’s “Invisible Wings”. Weibird praised, “It’s very interesting to hear Xiao Ge perform these songs.  He sings them so well.”

Weibird Wei's special CD+DVD edition of his debut album is now available on Yesasia!

Source: UDN

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