Weekly ratings recap

Zhong Wu Yen is still at the top of its time slot, but the much-hyped “kiss” between Cheryl Yang and Ming Dao did little to help its ratings. The drama is struggling to build momentum as it has yet to break 3% after 8 weeks of broadcast. Ratings for last Sunday’s episode even dropped slightly to 2.36%, down from 2.45% for the previous two. Luckily Zhong Wu Yen is not getting much of a challenge from its current competitors.

Korean drama Personal Taste held onto second place, but only barely, with 0.86%. It wasn’t able to hold on to its audience after a solid start at 1.16% two weeks ago. Endless Love remained at the bottom with 0.81%, down from 1.01% for the previous episode. They will be joined by a new challenger this Sunday when 4 Gifts makes its debut.

It was a more interesting competition for the Saturday nights varieties. Harlem Yu’s One Million Singer has been in a ratings slump since early this year. Maybe it’s the new set, or maybe it’s the new opening song (that's really 11 years old), or simply better guests -- The TTV show slowly made its way back to number 3 overall. It sits behind the top two shows (Zhu Ge’s Return and Tomorrow’s Super Star) from FTV, but ahead of the other FTV program (Suddenly Famous) that usually places third.

Jacky Wu’s Super King was the surprise of the week. This relatively new program has just celebrated its best ratings (1.92%) on August 28th, but it was back at the very bottom last week with 0.97%. As for weeknight prime-time dramas, nothing has changed since March. FTV’s Night Market Life and SETTV’s Parents’ Love are still one-two, way ahead of anything else that is on air.

Just in case if anyone is keeping track, this year’s Golden Bell (Taiwanese Emmys) nominations will be announced one week from today on September 20th. The awards ceremony will take place on October 22nd.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews

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