Weekly ratings recap and news on upcoming dramas

"Zhong Wu Yen" easily held onto the top spot last Sunday with minimal competition. Its ratings slightly increased (0.01% to be exact) to an average of 2.83% for episode 10. Now that the drama is half-way through its run, it’ll be interesting to see if *SETTV ends it early with 17 episodes (like “Easy Fortune Happy Life”) or the more common 21. The network’s next drama “X Channel” has begun filming on the 15th and is rumored to hit airwaves in November.

Korean drama "Personal Preference" remained in 2nd place on Sunday nights with 1.07%, followed by "4 Gifts" at 0.92 % and "Endless Love" at 0.78%. CTV, which airs 4 Gifts, had hoped their Taiwanese/Malaysian co-production could challenge for the top spot. Unfortunately lead actress Cynthia Wang was heavily criticized for mumbling her lines and lacking the presence of a fashion magazine editor. Her on-screen sister Lee Kang Yi didn’t fare much better – The baby-voiced actress was criticized for being overly glamorous in her prosecutor role.

In other drama news, GTV announced their upcoming productions at this year’s Taipei Television Festival. As reported earlier, Korean actress Park Shin Hye and George Hu will play the leads in the adaptation of “Hayate the Combat Butler (旋風管家)”. Otaku Goddess Tia Li will put on her servant costume again to play a supporting role. The drama begins filming in October and will take about three months to complete.

The other upcoming GTV drama “Mei Le, go! (美樂。加油)” was previously rumored to star Joe Cheng and Joe Chen (Qiao En). However, Joe Cheng has since moved onto SETTV, while Joe Chen is focusing on her movie career. The network announced Mike He and Cyndi Wang as their new leads. “Mei Le, go!” will also begin filming in October.

*Zhong Wu Yen is produced by SETTV but airs its first run on TTV.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN

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