Wang Leehom sports slick hip-hop look in latest "Beautiful" MV

Stylish in both his music and in his fashion style, Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom combines both elements once again for his latest MV "Beautiful 美" with a catchy tune and a sharp look. In Leehom's latest track, the Taiwanese-American singer merges his western influences of soothing R&B and wicked rapping with eastern wind instrument and drum beats. At this point, the artist has already got the blending of eastern and western musical styles down to an art.

Highlighting the tune are distinctive yet contrasting looks that suitably match the tone of the song. In addition to switching back and forth between black and white suits to compliment the similar color tones of the song, Leehom also sports an overly large fur coat look and chain necklace reminiscent of those worn by past American hip hop artists.

The artist is furthermore not limited to his singing and instrument skills, as the MV lets Leehom shine through his dancing with his female model counterpart. While not a main feature of the MV, Leehom's dancing is incorporated subtlely to serve as one of several tasty ingredients to a fine MV dish. It is worth mentioning that Leehom performed his dance moves without the aid of a dance instructor, as his dances were performed impromptu in front of the camera lenses.

Leehom's latest album "The 18 Martial Arts", the 14th of his long discography list, is currently on sale in stores.

Wang Leehom 王力宏's "Beautiful 美" MV:

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