Van Ness Wu confirms break up with girlfriend Arissa

Back in April of this year, the now 32-year old Taiwanese singer/actor Van Ness Wu was caught by the media while on a date with his 28-year old Singaporean girlfriend Arissa. The couple had also once dated back in 2006 before their break up a year later. Over three years since the pair broke off their relationship, the two got back together in April at a time when Van Ness publicly expressed the prospect of marriage in the start of their second relationship attempt. Netizens though recently discovered that Van Ness and Arissa separated again when the two of them ceased following each other’s tweets on popular social networking service Twitter. Rumors have been circulating that the split was instigated by Van Ness’ now ex-girlfriend new love interest with another man. But yesterday, Van Ness revealed through his manager Katie that “the split is true, but that they will still keep in touch and be friends.”

Van Ness’ netizen fans further pointed out that Van Ness tweeted on September 4th, speculating that his messages are connected to his emotions following their breakup:
  • "No I'm not saaayin~ I'm soooorrry~ One DAY! Maybe we'll meet again~~~ Closer to the edge~"
A follow-up message was posted by the Taiwanese entertainer the next day:
  • "Where it lies, is where you left it, where you left it, is where it died... revive, revive... revive the heart."
The couple already had contrasting lifestyles during their relationship attempts, as Van Ness is a devout Christian and vowed to abstain from sex before marriage, while Arissa had a knack for partying and donning sexy clothing. Whether the breakup was related to their contrasting views, Van Ness’ manager responded, “[Van Ness] feels that since Arissa isn't in the entertainment industry, he wishes to respect her privacy. It's not appropriate to discuss this right now.”

Source: Apple Daily

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