Tiffany Hsu clarifies rumors of her being pregnant

Several days ago, the media reported Tiffany Hsu as being pregnant after she gained a little weight. She appeared at the Lexus IS F event looking fit as ever and clarified that she is definitely not pregnant.

In addition, Ethan Ruan was caught looking for a new home and rumors say that he is buying it for Tiffany and that they will be moving in together. However, Tiffany responded, “That’s not true. Buying a home or a car are both very expensive items. Unless we’re married, I would definitely not accept gifts such as these from my boyfriend.”

Although both Tiffany and Ethan expressed that they have no plans to get married yet, when asked what she would do if she catches her husband cheating, Tiffany answered timidly, “Wait until I’m married first! You need a lot of courage to get married. Marriage is a promise and a responsibility. A man needs to become dependable (after marriage)!”

At the car show, Tiffany praised herself and said that she is a very "skilled" driver despite she has only gotten her driver’s license for a year and a half. She revealed that she sometimes go to a car racing track with friends to experience the feeling of speed, “I like to challenge myself, and I also like challenging others.”

 The car.

Source: UDN

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