Three Good Men awed by Niagara Falls

Following the veteran group Superband, Phil Chang, Bobby Chen, and Huang Pin-Yuan formed “Three Good Men (三小男)” to go on a concert tour together. They were at Toronto, Canada just several days ago and they took the opportunity to go sight-seeing at the Niagara Falls.

Upon seeing such an extravagant waterfall, Phil commented, “When I visited the Shifen waterfall in Taiwan before, I felt that it was already very grand, but now that I’m seeing this (waterfall) here, I’m speechless. Massive amounts of water keeps flowing down, but seriously don’t come to Taiwan because otherwise all that water would be enough to cause a disaster.” Bobby on the other hand, compared the Falls to jello, “Its color is beautiful. I really want to take a bite of it.”

The Shifen waterfall vs. Niagara Falls

When their tour guide asked if they would like to go take a ride on the *Maid of the Mist (boat tour of Niagara Falls), they chickened out after hearing that they had to sign an indemnity. Huang Pin-Yuan expressed, “I have a wife and kids. Although the falls is great, my life comes first.”

It was a clear sunny day when the three good men went to Niagara Falls; Phil said in excitement, “We can see both Canada and the US clearly and water is fortune. We’ll be rich (in luck)!”

They will continue their concert tour back in Taiwan on the 15th and 16th of next month.

*$15.60 CAD for the experience on  Maid of the Mist

Source: Appledaily, NOWnews / pictures taken by BoogieMan and Ujjwal Kumar

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