There will be no singing, no dancing, and no acting on Jay Chou's new show

With his new variety show in brewing, Jay Chou has already arranged many of his buddies to go on; but when asked if he would be inviting Jolin Tsai, he said, “No because people only cherish what is rare,” indicating that fans won't be seeing these two superstars collaborating any time soon. Jay revealed that they still chat every now and then ever since their famous Double-J stunt at his concert.

The busy man is still holding concert tours while preparing for his highly anticipated variety show. He expressed that he is deeply influenced by veteran hosts Chang Hsiao-Yen and Jacky Wu. He remembers that when he first started out as a singer songwriter, he often visited and watched Jacky while he was hosting his variety shows. He praises Hsiao-Yen Jie for her ability to create a relaxing atmosphere and commented that he laughed the most while going on her latest talk show.

President Chou insists that there will be no singing, no dancing, and no acting on his new show - President Chou will probably be telling a lot of 'cold' (lame) jokes instead. He says that he will create his own style of hosting and “not be Jay Chou.” President Chou is already fully prepared for criticisms since it will be his first time hosting, and he joked, “This prediction (about receiving criticisms) is even more amazing than Lu Chen's.” - for those who missed out, Lu Chen predicted news headlines at his magic show last month.

Regardless of what everyone may say, President Chou expressed that he is serious about hosting. If the show does well in ratings, he will consider continuing hosting.  Not to neglect his music fans, he will still use his spare time to write songs.

Source: UDN

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