Summer's Desire: a Great Way to End the Summer

If you like love triangles where both male contenders are super handsome and super rich, Summer’s Desire is the right drama for you. The last episode officially aired on September 5th giving the audience a final answer to who the main actress chose. Throughout its airing time, Summer’s Desire did not break through any TV ratings, nor did it attract many attention. However, those who are avid fans have stuck with the drama to its very end.

After being forced out of the country by Ou Chen (Peter Ho), the stubborn and overbearing boyfriend of Yin Xia Mo (Barbie Xu), Luo Xi (Huang Xiao Ming) comes back five years later with a vengeance. As he meets Xia Mo through a talent agency, he falls in love with her again. At the same time, Ou Chen, who lost his memory the same day Luo Xi was forced to leave, finds Xia Mo and decides to pursue her. Once again, the fate of these three are intertwined together, bring misery to all of them.

Based on the actual book series, the plot of Summer’s Desire is the classic love drama. From the beginning, the show’s appeal did not come from the youthfulness of idols, but rather from the skills of seasoned actors. Portraying tension, love, romance and many other emotions, all three actors did a great job in pulling the audience in. Furthermore, Xia Mo is not a typical heroine, both naïve and cute. In fact, she’s the opposite: beautiful and intelligent. She doesn’t necessarily manipulate people, but she definitely hold tremendous influence on people, especially Ou Chen.

The drama progresses at a nice pace, without any excessive scenes. The set, clothes and lighting effects are done wonderfully, showcasing the director’s eye for details. Though not everyone might like it, Summer’s Desire captures those hearts that ache for true love. A great story with a great cast, Summer’s Desire is worth the time.

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