Shiou Jieh Kai generously shows his buff bod in 4 Gifts

After a dismal performance by Scent of Love, CTV will try their luck again with the upcoming idol drama 4 Gifts (女王不下班). The show is still two weeks away from its premiere, but we can expect to see a lot of skin courtesy of actor Shiou Jieh Kai (修杰楷). He and actress Lee Kang Yi (李康宜) were featured in the latest photos released from the set.

The two leads were apparently filming a scene in which their characters met in the rain. A water truck was brought in to create the man-made downpour. Lee Kang Yi said she was so soaking wet that it felt like she had just walked out of a swimming pool. Shiou Jieh Kai seemed to have enjoyed the experience much better. He said it was very cooling to be drenched in the rain on such a hot day.

Since this is an idol drama, it would only make sense that their characters end up going to a motel to dry themselves off. It was the perfect opportunity for Shiou Jieh Kai to take off his shirt and show off his toned body. To make sure the finest-looking abs made it on screen, he did hundreds of sit-ups and push-ups before filming began. Most people would take a second look but not Lee Kang Yi -- It turns out that she is not interested in muscles and even joked, “Your belly button looks bigger than most people, what could be the reason?”

4 Gifts also stars Nicholas Teo and Cynthia Wang (王心如). It is scheduled to debut on Sunday, September 19th.

4 Gifts previews:

Source: Nownews, video from chinatv's Channel

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