Real life soap opera ends in divorce

It's not quite like the idol dramas we are used to watching, but this so-called "Tutoring Life" (補教人生) saga has all the elements of a great drama. In fact, it has dominated the front pages of entertainment news for more than a week. There are so many revelations/interviews/conspiracy theories every day that we don't even know where to begin. Luckily, the trusty Appledaily published a recap of the highlights yesterday, so without much further ado, we present to you "The chronicles of The Tutoring Life":
The leads (starting from the left): 
"The Wife" Tsai Yu Hsuan 
"The Guy" Gao Guo Hua
"The Mistress" Chen Tzu Hsuan

It began on August 4th when Next Magazine published photos of famous tutors Gao Guo Hua (高國華) and Chen Tzu Hsuan (陳子璇) French kissing in a car. 54 year-old Gao, who was driving, owns a multi-million tutoring business. Meanwhile, 37 year-old Chen is a popular tutor best known for her good looks, and she also happens to work for Gao’s competitor Liu Yi (劉毅).

Shortly after their kiss became headline news, Chen Tzu Hsuan apologized to her boss Liu Yi at a press conference for his new book. A day later, she announced her departure from his tutoring school while ink-like tears came down her face. Although Gao Guo Hua previously claimed he was divorced in January, Liu Yi offered a 1 million NTD (US$ 31,240) reward if he can provide any proof of it. Gao held his own press conference on the next day, announcing in tears that he and his wife have “agreed to divorce, but have yet to register.”

From the left: "The Kiss", Liu Yi and Chen Tzu Hsuan

Eighteen days after the photos were released, Gao’s wife of 8 years, 31 year-old former newscaster Tsai Yu Hsuan (蔡郁璇), broke her silence and made it clear that the couple has not divorced. Gao Guo Hua initially criticized his wife for going after his money and even said she broke up his previous marriage. However, he later changed his words and said “(I) deeply love (Tsai) Yu Hsuan.”

A few days after,Tsai Yu Hsuan revealed that Gao intentionally left an invoice with Chen's name in her car back in July. Tsai was so furious that she cut her wrist as a result. Gao Guo Hua changed his mind once again two days ago and said his true love is really Chen Tzu Hsuan. He and Tsai filed for divorce yesterday, putting an end to the “Tutoring Life” saga (for now.)

Some netizens are saddened to see this “drama” coming to an end, while others think the ending corresponds to what the public has expected. Appledaily even dedicated a page in Apple Action News for the scandal. They said the first 8 installments of "Tutoring Life" have already attracted over 320,000 views.

A Timeline Recap

Liu Yi called Gao Guo Hua’s affair a self-directed and acted business conspiracy. He revealed that Gao has yet to divorce his wife.

Liu called Gao a “Rotten man” and “Number one liar in the world”.

Liu claimed Gao had talked to him about collaborating on their tutoring businesses, but only to recruit his people behind his back, and even inappropriately pursued Chen Tzu Hsuan.

Liu openly offered a 1 million NTD reward for Gao’s divorce certificate.

Gao admitted he has yet to divorce. Liu said Chen is in over her head, “When she is conscious again she can write (a book called) ‘The Real Face of Gao Guo Hua’”. He said if Gao marries Chen, he will give them 1 million as a wedding gift.

Gao accused Liu of living together with a female staff member. He changed his words a day later, but Liu wanted to sue.

Liu revealed that Gao is bald and wears a wig. Chen said Gao's hair is real. Tsai also came to his defense and said he’s not balding.

Source: Appledaily

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