Rainie Yang promotes 3D scary movie in Venice

Rainie Yang recently traveled to Italy to take part in the 67th Venice Film Festival. She, along with costar Elanne Kwong and director Oxide Pang, screened their movie “The Child’s Eye 3D” out of competition. It is the first film from Hong Kong to be shot and post-produced with 3D technology. The “scare” factor significantly increased with lively ghosts that looked as if they were reaching out for the audience.

In “The Child’s Eye 3D”, Rainie Yang and Shawn Yue play a couple was on the verge of breakup. They went to Bangkok for vacation with friends, but ended up staying in a hotel that was haunted. Shawn Yue and others began to disappear one by one, so it was up to Rainie Yang to save them with a dog that has the ability to see ghosts.

It was the first time Rainie Yang has done a 3D movie, but she said the experience is not much different from a traditional one. Director Pang asked her to play her character in a life-like yet reserved style. Rainie Yang also learned to use her breathing and gaze to express fear without screaming. But she revealed she in fact gets scared easily, and hopes she will never encounter any supernatural events in real life.

In other Venice Film Festival news, Hong Kong director John Woo was presented with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. As one of the most well-known directors from Asia, John Woo has made some of the most influential Chinese movies including “A Better Tomorrow” and “The killer”. His career also expanded to Hollywood in the 90’s with hits like “Face/Off”. Director Woo’s most recent film was the megahit Red Cliff (Pt. 1 & 2) starring Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

The Child’s Eye 3D trailer

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