Prince and Lil Jay practice Jolin's Voguing dance

Ever since the release of Jolin Tsai’s “Honey Trap” MV, Voguing has been the hottest dance in Taipei. Other than fans going to the KTV to practice it (in addition to singing), even ex-Lollipop members Prince and Lil Jay are doing the Voguing dance!

Prince (邱勝翊 / Qiu Sheng Yi) and Lil Jay (廖俊傑 / Liao Jun Jie) are getting ready to hold a mini-concert at the Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre this coming Friday. It will also be their first major performance without the other Lollipop members.

In hope for a perfect performance, the two have been working out and practicing their dance moves for almost eight hours every day. Both Prince and Lil Jay, who are already skinny to begin with, have become even skinnier; Prince lost 5Kgs while Lil Jay lost 2Kgs. They’ve been practicing Jolin’s “Honey Trap” Voguing dance for the upcoming concert. However, Prince expressed, “I was very against it in the beginning because I didn’t want to learn a girl’s dance. And I’m not a great dancer like Lil Jay. Not only do I have to stretch before starting, I also have to learn the way a girl move. It’s very hard.”

Christine Fan will be their special guest at the concert. She visited the boys during their Voguing practice to show her support for them.

Source: UDN

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