Peter Ho and Huang Xiao Ming together on the same stage

We thought this would never happen, but here is Peter Ho and  Huang Xiao Ming together at last!

Things haven’t been going too well for Huang Xiao Ming lately – He was unhappy with his character in Summer’s Desire; Producer Peter Ho wasn't happy with the fact that he was unhappy; Questions were raised (again) about his plastic surgery rumors; Netizens became obsessed with finding out his real height; And then there's the Olympic song that was brought back to life two years after its release. The list goes on and on…

It looks like Huang Xiao Ming is ready to put all of this behind him. He recently made an appearance with Peter Ho on the popular mainland variety Happy Camp. Huang Xiao Ming first performed some “facial yoga” to reaffirm the authenticity of his facial features. He then made conversations with a local English teacher to prove that his English was "not at all~~" troubling. Last but not least, Huang Xiao Ming took his shoes off to show the audience there were no insoles inside them. He went on to measure himself against the host to confirm his height is not man-made after all.

Let's revisit the 2008 Olympic song that left a lasting impression on anyone that has come across it:
(He is understandably not too happy to see this video becoming a hot topic again. But we hope he realizes that it brought a lot of joy to many people, and he was marvelous in Summer’s Desire no matter what his anti’s said.)

Source: Nownews,, video from chinaSMACKvideo's Channel

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