Nicholas Teo goes sleeveless and sockless for 4 Gifts

Nicholas Teo is set to return next week with his new drama 4 Gifts (女王不下班). Two years ago in Woody Sambo, he was apparently mocked for looking like a girly gigolo during his song & dance number. It’s been two years since then, so he will try to overturn that image with a new and improved body.

Since his character is a trendy designer, Nicholas Teo must appear in sleeveless shirts and sandals. He was hesitant at first because it was very different from his own style. He took on the challenge anyway and began building up his body. Although it doesn't look very impressive from the picture, he and costar Shiou Jieh Kai were said to have received praises for their c-cup chests.

4 Gifts also features a special guest appearance courtesy of Blue Lan. The P.S. Man plays a pimpy drug lord in his third collaboration with the production house. In their previous dramas, he always ends up falling into something – A mud pit in Easy Fortune Happy Life and a garbage dump in P.S. Man. Since he is partying by the pool this time around, it would only make sense that he falls into the water.

Blue Lan was recently rumored to be dating model and former One Million Star contestant Christine Chen (陳美里). His friend George Chang (張兆志), who also plays a cop in 4 Gifts, hinted they are indeed dating on a show several days ago. He said when “friends come out for dinner, and bring the same girl 3 out of 4 times, (you) can kind of figure out what’s going on.” Blue Lan’s manager said they were joking and the two are just friends.

Preview of Nicholas Teo in 4 Gifts

Source: Chinatimes, UDN, video from chinatv's Channel

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