New cutie artist Shine Huang wants to play mahjong with Jolin Tsai

At barely 19 years of age, new cutie Taiwanese artist Shine Huang (real name: Huang Yu Xun 黃宇曛) has just released her self-titled album. Long an admirer of Taiwanese pop idol singer Jolin Tsai, the teenage artist quoted that she has admired Jolin "since she was little" and considers herself "her number one fan".

Shine and her older sister have fallen madly in love with their idol since she was in second grade of elementary school. Not only has she bought every one of Jolin's albums, but she has waited in line for each of Jolin's album signing events to shake hands with her idol and also memorized all of Jolin's dance moves such as the complex arm folding moves from Jolin's recent "Honey Trap" MV. Shine's biggest wish would be for Jolin to be part of the audience for her own dance performances.

Shine is also known for wanting to play mahjong and being obsessed with doing her nails like her pop idol, where the teenage artist also created her own patterened nail polish designs. The debut singer also made the statement, "If I become friends with Jolin Tsai by helping her in a game of mahjong, or help her on her nails fashion in exchange for her friendship, I'll definiteloy sleep happily for many days."

The 19-year old singer is currently a second-year liberal arts student. In addition to her year of training as an artist that includes ballet, locking, jazz, and hip-hop street dancing, Shine also has talents in playing the piano, flute, and other musical instruments. Shine hopes that she can be part of the newest generation of artists that can win the hearts of guys that Jolin did in the generation before.

You can check out Shine Huang's latest MV "Electric Shock" below, which is a cover of K-pop group Brown Eyed Girls' "S.I.G.N." MV.

Shine Huang 黃宇曛's "Electric Shock 觸電" MV:

Brown Eyed Girls' "S.I.G.N." MV:

Source: UDN
MV Source: MVTaiwan

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