Mystery admirer confesses love for Elva with a half-page newspaper ad

A mystery admirer took out a half-page ad in Appledaily on the 29th to make a very public confession of love. The message began with “Dear Elva” so ELVA (Hsiao) the singer quickly came to everyone’s mind. This “confession” didn’t come cheap because a half-page ad in the entertainment section would cost about $400,000 NTD (~$12,800 USD).

ELVA Hsiao was shocked yet excited when she saw the newspaper, “It’s very romantic, if I like him as well then it really increases his marks.” She scratched her head and bit her cell phone while asking “are you guys sure it’s not from my management company?” She blushed and added, “It takes a lot of guts to do this, as if (this person) wants to marry me.”

Since the ad cost 400k, Appledaily’s reporter tried searching for clues from the payment location, payer’s phone number and address. They found out the address actually pointed to the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, while the phone number yielded no answer. The only hint was that the payment was made at a post office nearby her record company. They denied pulling the publicity stunt, “If (we) wanted to spend this kind of money then (we) would have purchased TV spots, they could have played a lot of songs.”

The other top suspect was ELVA’s ex Sunny Wang which he denied. She was at a loss on who it could possibly be, “I can think of (people with) initials starting with L and S, but I really don’t know who it is when (the letters) are put together.” Then who are L and S? Could it be Show Luo (Luo.Show)? She laughed and said, “Wouldn’t he need someone for the English translation?” How about the chubby Rong Xiang (with similar sounding initials)? She rolled her eyes, “How can that be!” As for her previously rumored beau Nick Chou, his company responded, “It’s not related to him.”

(The latest on this news: While many are convinced it was a promotional tactic, a message she wrote on her blog hinted that she has identified the mystery person later that day. It appears the individual is one of her exes, but not someone frequently mentioned in the entertainment pages. She turned him down saying it's "not possible to 'rewind'.")

A recap of some (failed) confessions of love (courtesy of Appledaily):

“English Champion” Tony Chen bought an ad that says “I Love You” off the National Highway No.1 to profess his love for former Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮).
Result: He made himself famous and became a variety show regular.

Joseph Lau (劉鑾雄) took out a full page ad as “The One" to wish Former Miss Hong Kong and actress Michelle Reis a happy birthday. It cost him about 1.25 million NTD (~$40,000 USD.)
Result: He frankly admitted he was "The One" but she was already dating her current husband.

An individual by the name of “Patrick Lin” bought an ad in Apple asking Terry Kwan, “Remember (our) wedding date?”
Result: She claimed she is not the marriage type and the ad was just a joke.

Here's a report from Apple Action News: 

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, shamhing8's Channel

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