Michael Chang plays a corpse in his new drama

After kissing Jerry Yan in Down With Love, Michael Chang (張勛傑) returns as a corpse in the new drama “美麗旅程 (Beautiful Journey)”. Contrary to its lovely title, his picture seems to suggest that it's a journey to other world rather a vacation-type of journey. He plays two characters in the story, in which one ends up on a mortuary table.  

The scene was in fact shot at an old hotel, but Michael Chang didn’t have any superstitions despite it was "Ghost Month" at the time. The usually funny actor took on a more serious attitude during filming. His costar Peggy Tseng was even more cautious -- She went to a temple and prayed for several amulets (to “activate” them in a sense.)

Michael Chang only brought along an Omamori that he got from Japan. Staff members prepared a red envelope with Banyan tree leaves for him. It was supposed to ward off evil spirits in case if there were any. He said, “I thought I just had to lie there, (I) didn’t expect the director to film a close up. Even when I stopped breathing, it wasn't possible to stop my pulse from beating.” When asked if there was anything unusual after he got home, he laughed, “My heart is righteous, (I) haven’t done anything bad, why should I feel anything?”

Source: UDN, CTV

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