"Mechanical arm" Leehom signs ten thousand albums at autographing event

Leehom Wang was holding an autographing and concert event at Beijing on the 28th for his latest album, "18 Martial Arts", attracting ten thousand fans. He was signing albums from 7pm all the way till 1am; He indeed broke his personal best by signing ten thousand albums in six hours. He laughed, “I’ve signed so much that my arm has become like a robot’s (mechanical) arm. (It) feels like it’s going to be dislocated soon.” It has been two years since Leehom has held an autographing session in Beijing, thus, many fans from all parts of Mainland China went to support the singer. Some fans even waited for one day and night. The mechanical arm man was so touched that he extended the original two-hour signing session and insisted on signing until the very last album! He didn’t even go to the washroom in order to save time – which is truly incredible.

Interestingly, Leehom has recently fallen in love with telling “cold” (lame) jokes that are not very funny, so his fans have started calling him, “王囧囧” (Wang Jiong Jiong, the character depicts a face of sadness / helplessness / embarrassment). He felt that it was pretty neat and even signed the albums with the character “囧”.

Leehom will be returning to Taiwan on Saturday to continue his autographing and concert events.

 Fans waiting to see Leehom.

Source: Appledaily

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