[Updated] Ma Guo Bi sets his car on fire

Comedian and variety show regular Ma Guo Bi (馬國畢) is supposed to marry his 3-month pregnant girlfriend on the 9th. He was rumored to have attempted suicide in his car yesterday, only two days prior to the wedding.

Police were called in after locals saw his Honda CR-V engulfed in flames on the side of the road. Ma Guo Bi was seen standing outside of his car but looking disoriented. Upon further questioning, he admitted to have taken some sleeping pills.

The body of the vehicle was completely destroyed by fire, while his wedding invitations, thank you notes and wedding pictures were blackened by smoke. A bottle of Kaoliang (~38 to 63% alcohol), along with a grill and burnt charcoal were also found inside his car. He gave several contrasting explanations on what happened during his interview with reporters. When asked about the upcoming wedding, Ma gave a surprising answer, “I will be miserable if I have to spend the rest of my life with that woman!”

There are conflicting reports on whether he was trying to commit suicide. Appledaily reported that he admitted to the police that it was indeed a suicide attempt. Meanwhile, other news outlets reported that the car caught on fire when he was trying to light up a cigarette. Ma Guo Bi later said he had an argument with his fiancée, so he wanted to burn down their wedding photos out of anger.

His mentor Jacky Wu added, “He went to a singles party and didn’t get home until early morning, therefore they had an argument! Of course his fiancée would be angry. She is a soon-to-be bride and pregnant with a baby. How can you get home so late…(You) should at least give her a call. I’ve just scolded him on the phone.”

Ma Guo Bi’s fiancée gave him an angry stare in silence when she arrived at the police station. She said she didn’t know what he was trying to do and his mom was very worried. She is angry but said they will go ahead with the wedding with Jacky Wu as their witness. Go figure...

[Update] Picture of the couple

They were on One Million Singer just a few weeks ago:

Source: Appledaily, Nownews, UDN, video from sugoishow3's Channel

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