Lin Yu Chun tops Five Music and G-Music's English album sales chart

The Five Music album sales chart has the biggest movement this week; Fahrenheit’s “Super Hot” takes over the top spot and GMA Best Male Singer Nicky Lee’s long awaited album, "好玖 (Hao Jiu)", debuts at number four.

Lin Yu-Chun’s English debut album, “It’s my time” is number one on both Five Music and G-Music’s English album sales charts. Lin Yu-Chun’s road to success has given hope to many young people looking to become a singer. His album contains the two songs, “I Will Always Love You” and “Amazing Grace”, which he performed on the popular singing competition show One Million Star and immediately shot to fame. Although he has sung the songs numerous times, he expressed, “I feel great pressure (singing them), I can't make any mistakes.” In addition to singing classic hits, Grammy Award winning producer Walter Afanasieff also wrote the new song, “Under Your Wings”, especially for him. Lin Yu-Chun said happily, “I finally have my own song.”

G-Music album sales chart
1. Jolin Tsai / Myself
2. Vchuan Chen Wei Quan / Goodbye, Single 
3. Fahrenheit / Super Hot
4. Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) / Honey
5. Yuan Zi Fei / Hua Hua Shi Jie

Five Music album sales chart

1. Fahrenheit / Super Hot
2. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / To Hebe
3. Jolin Tsai / Myself
4. Nicky Lee / 好玖 Hao Jiu
5. Penny Tai / 2009 Live Concert

KKBOX singles pop chart
1. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / "寂寞寂寞就好" (Fine with being lonely)
2. Yao Yao / Happiness Is Not Far Away
3. Della Ding / Onion
4. Della Ding / I'm A Small Little Bird
5. Yao Yao / Going Home By Myself

Source: Appledaily

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