Leehom stays at the hotel 300 days a year

Several days ago, Appledaily visited Leehom Wang at his wide scenic view hotel suite at Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai, which is located on the banks of  the Huang Pu River. Leehom told Appledaily, “I spend 300 days a year living at the hotel.” Yet four years ago, Leehom bought a mega million dollar (~$50 milllion NT) apartment in Taipei. Unfortunately, he doesn’t live there much as he's always out for work.

Leehom's home in Taipei.

The 180 degrees night view of the Bund from Leehom’s hotel suite almost seemed unreal. There was even a telescope in his room to get a better view, where he joked and pretended to be a "peeper" with it. He wakes up every morning seeing the beautiful scenery and he commented, “It gives you more inspirations.” When asked if he had shared this scenery with anyone else, he said yes, but as for whom it was he replied, “There were guys and girls.”

Leehom clarified that he doesn’t stay at such a luxurious hotel suite every time, “When I was filming in Shanghai, my crew and I booked the entire level of a hotel and there were a couple hundreds of us.” It turns out that he visited many hotels in Shanghai to get a sponsor to let them film. Even superstar Du Ming-Han (character in movie) didn’t get to enjoy the spectacular scenic view from Hyatt on the Bund.

Despite the beautiful scenery, once Leehom returns to his room, he would immediately go to his computer to check the netizens’ responses to his movie, “Love In Disguise”, and also update his mini-blog.

Leehom shows off the gift (prop used in the Red Cliff) he received  from a movie corporation in China.

Since Leehom has stayed at many different hotels, he has come across many strange encounters. He revealed, “The most ridiculous one was when I was at some hotel in China, someone suddenly shook me up at 7 in the morning to get an autograph. It was a female housekeeper. I was so shocked that I scolded, ‘I want to call your manager, I’ll give you five seconds to leave my room’!” It was the first time he made someone cry, “I’m a mild temper person, but she really made me mad!”

Source: Appledaily / Video: todaycloseout

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