Leehom once thought about running off with a girl

Leehom Wang played a superstar who left his fame for an ordinary girl in the movie, “Love In Disguise”. Life is like a drama. In a recent interview with Appledaily, Leehom revealed that he once thought about running away with a girl.

Fifteen years since his debut, Leehom has always been very protective about his love relationships, but he finally opened up in the interview and said, “I once thought about running away with a girl because I was swamped with endless amount of work. I wanted to date and wanted to get to know more about her, but I had no time, so I wanted to disappear once and for all.” When asked if the girl was an ordinary girl like in his movie, he laughed, “A girl with me, is never ordinary.” As for when was the time he wanted to escape reality with his girl, he thought for a long moment and answered, “It was when I had a lot of work to do,” and he refused to disclose who the girl was.

Leehom chose his career over love and ended his relationship. He explained that it was “because he would have felt very sorry to his work team if he really left.” He then added, “I feel very contradicted. I actually take relationships very seriously. You can tell with all the love songs I write. Relationships are very important to me, but I don’t have the time to develop them well.” When asked if the girl was mad at him for leaving her, he spoke sincerely, “There isn’t a girl from the past who isn’t angry at me because I’m someone who would even forget to eat or sleep when it comes to work, let alone spending time with someone else.”

Leehom does not regret his decision because “the thought (of running off with another girl) only came out of impulsiveness and it was gone after thinking it through.” Even so, Leehom expressed his loneliness through his new song “Need Someone By My Side”. The lyrics wrote, “I need a dream, need direction, need tears, and I also need a person to light up my darkness… The me right now, (I) need someone by my side.” He added, “It’s not just because of loneliness, it’s a ‘need’.”

As for whom that girl could be, thinking back at his dating history, Shu Qi seems to best match the description as they were rumored to have been in a relationship from 2006 to 2008 and they reportedly broke up because Leehom did not show up for their planned vacation trip abroad.

Whether or not it's really Shu Qi, her manager Catherine responded yesterday, "We have no comment on this matter."

Source: Appledaily

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