Leehom goes furry in new MV

The Music Man himself admits that he has fallen in love with dressing up as different personas. It’s evident in his previous “Change Me” MV and his latest movie “Love In Disguise” – playing triplets of himself (Xiao Wang, Xiao Li, Xiao Hong) to form a band and a 'Brother Sharp'-like student (Ah-De) to meet his crush. Leehom once again, dresses up as a different persona for his new MV, “Beauty” ("美"); He goes hip-hop by wearing a fur coat, four silver necklaces, and other bling-things.

Leehom revealed that his hip-hop double is named Wang Li-Xiong (‘bear’) because of all that synthetic fur! He joked, “He is a top of the class hip-hop singer that I specially invited from the states. His rapping skill is even better than mine.”

Leaving the bad fashion aside, Wang Li-Xiong’s image brings us memories of the great Jay Chou when he first appeared with Jolin Tsai, dancing together at her concert:

Chou "Jie-Xiong" of the original Double J stunt in 2004.

But not to worry Leehom fans, the music man will also appear (as himself) handsomely in a black suit and tie playing on a white piano.

Source: Liberty Times, Appledaily

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