Lala Hsu holds autographing and concert event

GMA’s best new artist Lala Hsu held her autographing and concert event for her latest album, “Limits”, just before the typhoon arrived. Her record company specially prepared a flight of stairs that was 1.8 meters high to wish the singer songwriter to continue to rise with success. The stairs were labeled (in ascending order): great sales, great critiques, great popularity, great inspiration (for song writing), and great luck for love. Lala climbed the staircase with ease, “After the training from filming my ‘Acrophobia’ MV, I’m not afraid of heights anymore.”

When Lala reached the highest step, she humorously began to introduce herself with a loudspeaker; the host laughed, “Are you trying to find yourself a match (date)?”

There have been rumors of Lala getting plastic surgery as her face looked a lot smaller on her album cover. To dissolve the rumor, she pointed at the billboard of herself and tried to imitate the same pose, “See! Isn’t it the same?” The fans immediately fell in laughter.

Check out Lala's "Acrophobia" MV where she climbed a 7 meter chair tower (with wires)

Perhaps they got the inspiration for the MV after watching this episode of Diamond Club from August - two stuntmen competed to see who could stack and climb the highest amount of chairs.
(kids, do not try this at home!)

Part 2

Source: UDN / Video: supernicemusic, guigui072909

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