Lack of available leads plagued upcoming SETTV drama "X Channel"

Taiwanese broadcast channel SETTV, known for their top-quality and highly-rated dramas, faced a strange predicament as current idol drama "Zhong Wu Yen" finishes its run: finding new lead actors for upcoming follow-up drama "X Channel". With news of previous SETTV idol drama darling Ethan Ruan, whom wooed audiences in popular idol drama hits "Fated to Love You" and "My Queen", vowing not to star in any new idol dramas any time soon, SETTV originally hoped to rectify the situation by casting either brand name stars Mike He (Devil Beside You) or Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart), whom have starred in idol dramas for rival channels. Unfortunately for SETTV, both sought-after stars declined taking part in SETTV's latest idol drama, paving the way for Joe Cheng to take another chance and redeem himself to his previous idol drama glory days such as in "It Started with a Kiss".

Finding a female lead for the upcoming drama has not been that much easier for SETTV either, since the channel's original female lead choice Sonia Sui (P.S. Man) has chosen to support rival Taiwanese broadcast channel FTV due to her boyfriend Yao Yuan-hao starring in that channel's hit idol drama "Rookies' Diaries". Instead, singer and recent award-winning movie actress Amber Kuo will fill in to replace SETTV's original lead female choice.

The original lead choices that SETTV supported would have reunited Sonia with fellow Taiwanese actor James Wen for the new drama revolving around a news network, but with Sonia supporting SETTV's rival station FTV and with the public perception that pairing up the two actors again was no longer considered fresh, the channeled opted to go with replacement choices Joe and Amber. This marks the second time in recent memory that SETTV has been set back from its rival station, as FTV's hugely popular "Rookies' Diary" drama has outpaced SETTV's corresponding drama "Ni Yada" in terms of viewership.

In terms of the male leads, both Show and Mike declined taking part for different reasons. As a hitmaker for SETTV's other rival GTV, GTV succeeded in retaining Show for at least one more idol drama with promises of developing a new drama specifically catered to him. In contrast, Mike has scaled back his acting activities, as his full schedule and his preference of work not exceeding twelve hours a day has derailed SETTV's hope to casting the popular Taiwanese idol.

The last time SETTV had to find replacements for both the lead actor and lead actress was when Ming Dao (Prince Turned to Frog) and Yoo Ha Na (My Lucky Star) turned down the chance to star in one of the channel’s previous dramas. That previous setback rewarded audiences to the casting of Van Ness Wu and Ady An in an idol drama that audiences may be familiar with called “Autumn’s Concerto”.

Source: The Liberty Times

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