Khalil Fong not allowed to sing for a month due to pneumothorax

Just earlier this month, Khalil Fong suddenly had a pneumothorax. Although it’s not so serious that he needs to go through surgery, the singer songwriter has been advised not to sing, ride on an airplane, or use too much force when going to the bathroom. However, his concert at Shanghai in November will still be on despite the doctor told him that it’s best for him to rest for 3 months.

His management company has helped him cancel all his other activities including commercials and performances, losing over a million dollars (NT). As for the concert in Shanghai, Khalil joked, “I signed a contract to hold a concert at Shanghai in November, I can’t cancel it. If I can’t take the airplane by then, (I’ll) just take the train and (I’ll) even be able to enjoy the scenery while riding it.”

Khalil’s popularity has been on the rise, attracting young listeners with his unique soul music. He originally planned 30 concerts spread across Asia and North America. But he suddenly had difficulty breathing and felt pain in his back area and arm while shopping earlier this month. After rushing to the hospital, he found out that it was pneumothorax.

The good news is that Khalil has been doing well, so he has resumed his work by going to the studio as usual to arrange music and help other singers record their albums. Khalil is expected to be able to recover his health in a month’s time.

Source: UDN

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