Kenji Wu’s new ride is a Bumblebee

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Kenji Wu, but luckily his contract troubles are finally over. The singer-songwriter has decided to stay with Seed Music despite rumors of him moving onto Fortune Entertainment. He and Seed GM Lancaster Tien (田定豐) met with the media to announce a new label called "K Major!". It is a subdivision that the company has especially created for him, so his upcoming album in mid-October will be the first one under the new business format. Kenji Wu is also reverting to his real name”吳克羣” ("Wu Ke Qun") instead of 吳克” (pronounced the same way) to signify a new beginning.

Seed Music generously gave Kenji Wu a set of “Hot Wheels“ as his signing bonus -- a Chevrolet “Bumblebee” Camaro that they claimed to have cost *3 million NTD (~94,473 USD). He was thrilled to receive the toy gift, “(I) have wanted one ever since I saw ‘Transformers’. I didn’t think my boss would really make this happen.” Tien laughed, “It’s a good thing that you like the Bumblebee. If you liked Optimus Prime then (we) would have had to get you a truck!”

Kenji Wu was noticeably missing from the big Seed/BMA showcase back in May. He hid himself on the day of the event while the two companies announced their collaboration. Many interpreted his absence as a way to express his dislike of Gary Cao taking over the new number one spot. He was in fact getting drunk in Japan at the time, which he now regrets, “Forget it, I guess everyone must be a fool once.” On his rivalry with Gary Cao, he said, “There’s no point to compare (with someone) from our own company. If (we) must compete then we should compete for Asia No. 1.”

Kenji Wu was also a surprise guest at Joiln Tsai’s recent birthday party, which raised some speculations on the status of their relationship. He revealed that they were introduced by a stylist two years ago. When asked if he would pursue her, he responded awkwardly, “Every guy likes the off-screen Jolin, but whether or not to pursue her is a separate matter. It takes good timing.”

This thing won't turn into a robot, but here he is with his new car:

Just in case if anyone wonders whether any respectable adults drive this baby around, here is 101 year old Mr. Virgil Coffman with his Bumblebee:

* The Bee is available in the US for $34,295 (2SS MSRP) + $995 (Transformers SE add-on package) USD

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