Kenji Wu's "It's Alright" MV is not alright for TV

Looks like Kenji Wu's hot bod was not to be wasted for his first music video to his upcoming (and long awaited) album, "Love Me, Hate Me". Kenji specially invited model Niki (also known as the Tia Li look-alike) to film his “It’s Alright” MV.

Under the MV director's command, Kenji and Niki stripped off their clothes and hugged each other naked in order to express the complicated emotion of wanting each other while they've already broken up; Kenji was so into his character that he even ripped his top off fiercely – which was actually clothing for his promotions. The two were then splashed with water while they continued to embrace. Kenji laughed, “(It) feels very perverted.”

The GIO (Government Information Office) felt that the original cut for the MV was too hot for TV, so it has been edited for the TV broadcast. Kenji expressed, “It’s too bad that they can’t broadcast the original version of the MV. Everyone will just have to come see it on my Facebook then.”

Kenji's "Love Me, Hate Me" album is now available for preorder on YesAsia!

Here's the unedited version:

More stills:

Source: UDN, NOWnews / Video: joshuaongys

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