Kenji Wu shows off his abs for new album

Kenji Wu’s long awaited album, “愛我恨我” (roughly translates to Love Me Hate Me), will finally be available for preorder starting on the 28th. His first single, “沒關係” (It's Alright), has already been receiving good reviews from netizens, “It’s been long since I’ve heard such a touching love song.”

In the last two years, Kenji has been obediently doing exercises for his back muscles under his doctor’s advice. And after recovering from his waist injury, the singer-songwriter continued to work out. As a result, Kenji has gone from being pure skinny to a “bronze muscle man.” For the photo shoot of his upcoming album, he showcased his upper body and even teased the female staffs, “You guys must be full from seeing my abs.”

Kenji was determined to look good for the shoot, so he brought along his ab wheel and dumbbells to do some last minute workout before taking his shirt off. Kenji revealed that he even restricted himself to eating only one meal a day since a week ago, and did not eat at all on the day of the shoot.

We're sure Kenji won't regret starving a little to avoid a bad case of Wallace Chung -- who was desperately trying to keep his stomach flat by holding his breath...

Kenji's album will be released on October 16 and those who preorder it will get a “P.K. (Pure Kenji) tank top” as gift.

If you buy online, Kenji's album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out Kenji's latest single "沒關係" below:

Source: UDN, Liberty Times, Appledaily / Song from kawai21131's channel

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