Jolin will celebrate her 30th birthday by taking a five day vacation

Jolin Tsai will be celebrating her 30th birthday on the 15th. She will be rewarding herself with a five day vacation after all the non-stop promotion she’s been doing. Since Jolin is always the topic of gossip, the media asked if one of her birthday wish was to have less gossips, but Jolin laughed, “Gossips are like my love relationships. I make wishes regarding them every year, but it’s no use. I’m not going to waste my birthday wish on them this year.”

She originally planned to go to Thailand for her birthday vacation, but because she was afraid of getting even more tanned than she is now, she might go shopping in Tokyo Japan instead.

Jolin revealed that one of her future goals may be to go into acting, “I don’t have set plan for it, but I’ve received an invitation to act. It’s an opportunity to learn something new.”

Jolin held a “Honey Trap” Voguing dance competition with close to three hundred participants and rewarded a total of NT $640,000 of prize money (~$20,000 US). One of the contestants was a little boy who previously shot to fame on the internet after imitating Jolin's Voguing. Jolin couldn’t help but cry in laughter, “I’ve already seen his clips online before. It’s even more entertaining seeing him do the dance live today.”

See them in action:

Source: Appledaily, UDN, video from nagootv's Channel

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