Jolin Tsai responds to male model boyfriend rumors: "Just friends"

Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai was recently caught on an outing with half-Singaporean, half-New Zealand male model Vivian Dawson, igniting rumors of romance between the pop idol singer and her male co-star from a recent MV of hers. A reporter stopped Jolin as she was entering a vehicle to ask whether the rumors of her dating the mixed-blood male model were true, to which Jolin shyly responded and smirked, "We're just friends." But regarding the Japanese trip she had with Vivian, Jolin smiled and didn't answer.

According to reports, after the male model in question Vivian starred in the leading role for Jolin's recent MV "Love Player 玩愛之徒", the tall and handsome model made his move to pursue Jolin through instant messaging service MSN using polite messages and sincere emoticons. After Vivian succeeded in becoming a good friend of Jolin, the two of them soon supposedly developed a romantic relationship, which not only involved Vivian taking part in Jolin's 30th birthday party, but also them arranging for what has been dubbed a "romantic trip" to Japan.

Although Jolin denies that the male model is her boyfriend, when Jolin performed on stage with previous boyfriend and Taiwanese entertainer Jay Chou, Jolin vehemently denied rumors on her social network Weibo account that that she and Jay were getting back together. Regarding the latest media exposure on her latest possible love interest, Jolin has been more ambiguous on her responses, which has caused the media to suggest that there may be truth in the rumors.

Source: Apple Daily

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