Jolin makes first public appearance after diva controversy

Joiln Tsai was recently in the mainland to promote her latest album "Myself". She made headlines after getting blasted by a well-known mainland TV personality for her appearance on his show. He wrote on his blog that her assistant refused to let her share the stage with other artistes, including veteran Taiwanese entertainers Frankie Gao (高凌風) and Lily Tien (田麗), even forbidding Gao to sing any songs by her ex Jay Chou. He criticized her saying it is a multi-star variety show, not the “Queen’s ascend to the throne”.

Frankie Gao actually came to her defense when asked about the incident, “It’s that assistant, the behavior of her mainland assistant affected other people’s impression of Jolin Tsai as a result. That's the key issue.” Jolin’s manager added, “The Beijing staff member noticed two segments (from the show) went missing, so he might have became impatient. (He) asked if everyone can wait and not to go on stage, because our segments haven’t completed yet. It was a result of miscommunication.”

Jolin also responded on her blog saying she was hurt by the comment. At the “Honey Trap Voguing Dance Competition” on the 7th, she met with reporters for the first time since her controversy. Over thirty media outlets were present at the event to await her response. Jolin came prepared and clarified that she has nothing to do with the diva behavior. She explained that people around her might have requested certain accommodations, but she would also remind her staff to beware of their attitude.

Source: CNA, Nownews

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