Jolin and her new boyfriend?

Singing Queen Jolin (30) and male model Vivian Dawson (26) can't hide the chemistry between them; when Jolin returned to Taipei from a performance, she was seen playing badminton with Dawson. When he was interviewed in front of his management company yesterday, he smiled widely when Jolin was mentioned, and complimented her.

According to various sources, apart from bowling, Jolin is also very good at badminton. Her assistant often books badminton courts for her, and last night she played with Dawson at Nankang Sports Centre, where she didn't hide her relationship from the public and media who were also there.

She is often seen with Dawson in public places, and friends say "Jolin really doesn't care, she's not scared about this relationship." Jolin went from "It's my personal business" and "Just good friends" to "Please give me a bit of space", clearly guarding her new relationship status.

Yesterday afternoon at 3.30pm Dawson arrived at his company via taxi, and a reporter (in chinese) asked whether he felt pressure in his relationship with Jolin. He answered "I don't know what you're saying", and no answer was received when asked "Did you know Jay Chou likes Jolin too?" It is uncertain whether his chinese is not that good or he's pretending. Seeing Dawson about to leave, the reporter asked in English "Say something about Jolin, ok?", and he said "She is very nice!" with a smile on his face. He was then asked "Do you love her?", but he was clearly shocked and quickly said "She is a very nice friend!" and slipped into the building.

Source: Appledaily

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