Jimmy Lin celebrates his son's first birthday

Jimmy Lin celebrated his son Kimi’s first birthday on the 15th, and released their first photo together. They followed the tradition of having Kimi pick among several items in order to predict his future career path. Kimi picked (in order): a netbook, a steering wheel, and a microphone, which seemed quite characteristic of his father who’s a singer/actor as well as a professional race car driver. As a result, Jimmy decided to sign his son as a future star and expressed that he doesn’t mind filming commercials with his son together.

Jimmy admitted in October of last year that he indeed became a father already, which led to many disapprovals from fans and the media also reported that he had a child before marriage. He revealed that he and his wife Kelly Chen Ruo-Yi (陳若儀)  have already registered their marriage in February of this year.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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