Jessie Chiang's new MV of lost love brings singer to tears

Since splitting from Jay Chou's JVR Music and joining the ranks of avex's Taiwan branch, Taiwanese singer Jessie Chiang recently released her latest sophomore album and just broadcast the second MV for her ballad "Last Page". The current members of music seniors Nan Quan Mama gave a lending hand to Jessie's latest song, as Devon contributed the poetry and Yuhao provided the lyrics in painting the mood of lost love.

Jessie shed tears quite a few times during the recording of the song, but denied that her tears stemmed from hurt feelings. But she gave a different story during her time on the set for her drama "Pandamen", Jessie said, "At that time, while shooting 'Pandamen', whenever I saw Pandaman about to die, I would get deeply dramatic. When I began to think of Pandaman dying, I would choke back tears." Her cries usually caused delays in the shooting, causing the producer at times to take her out of the shooting while begging to her, "Don't cry any more, Jessie! It's almost dawn, and I already have dark circles under my eyes!"

The MV for Jessie's latest MV took her on location to the rocky coast in the north, where her music label insured her for fifty million yuan. One scene which had Jessie and the male actor in the MV in a reverse upside-side down kiss proved to be dangerous when the material holding the male actor inadvertently broke loose.

Jessie Chiang's "Last Page" MV:

MV Source: MVTaiwan

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