Jessie Chiang makes a comeback without Jay Chou

We thought she would be gone already, but former J-girl Jessie Chiang (江語晨) is returning with her second album on September 10th. Coincidentally, she will be battling current releases from Jolin Tsai and Hebe Tian, whose names have also been attached to Jay Chou in the past. It remains to be seen how Jessie Chiang will fare in terms of sales, but she will have to do it without his help.

Jessie Chiang's first album was the center of media attention while she was the J-girl in 2008. There were even rumors of Jay Chou writing several songs for her under a different name. She went on to play the female lead in his first drama "Pandamen".  But a lot has changed since then, most noticeably her complete absence from the Pandamen promotions earlier this year.

Now that the Jay Chou aura is gone, Jessie Chiang returns with a much tougher image for the first single “This is not Love (那不是愛)" from her new album. The song was composed by Sean Alexander, who has previously worked with SS501 and Super Junior, and lyrics by Jay Chou’s good friend Huang Jiun Lang (黃俊郎). In contrast to the romantic tone of her debut album, the new one takes a more in-depth and straight forward look at love. It encourages people to bravely learn to say “no” when they are with the wrong person.

The new music video combines various sequences to convey the song’s theme. In addition to showing off her dance moves, it features Jessie Chiang running on a treadmill with a determined look on her face. Random sceneries are mixed into the scene to symbolize flashbacks going by her as she runs forward.

As for the dance sequence, she performed a routine choreographed by Dance Flow’s Takeshi. He especially designed a so-called “Praying Mantis dance” to utilize her long arms and legs. Her stylist completed the insect theme by putting her hair into two buns that looked like the mantis’ eyes.

"This is not Love" MV

Source: Libertytimes, Nownews, UDN, avextaiwan's Channel

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