[MV] Jessie Chiang bids farewell to "J-Girl" title for new love

Say goodbye to the title "J-Girl" for Taiwanese singer Jessie Chiang. A moniker bestowed on girls who are supposedly romantically attached to Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou, Jessie once received the label when she confessed to chasing after Jay during her debut days. Since breaking away from Jay, the sophomore singer has stated that she is in the initial stages of dating someone she went to elementary school with. Jessie further replied that it was a pity that the person she is dating now is not in the entertainment industry, as she has no way to share entertaining anecdotes of her life in the industry.

Jessie had already received the title of J-Girl even before she made her debut as an entertainer, as her life was filled with being chased around by the paparazzi. The constant chasing by them made her felt so helpless and horrified by the media that she once angrily stormed into a police station downtown in response. The singer also revealed that an exclusive interview was arranged by the media as her management company was on the sidelines, where the media showed interest and wanted her to talk more about the situation regarding her relationship with Jay. Jessie politely declined.

After rumors began to circulate around her behind her back, life was made more difficult to Jessie at her previous management company in JVR Music. Whenever Jessie bumped into Jay around the company, Jessie would warmly greet her now-former colleague without even a slight response from Jay, which not only made Jessie feel shut out and but also caused her to "see the realities of life".

During her more innocent days, Jessie viewed the Taiwanese sensation Jay as her idol. And as the two continued their friendship, the female singer hoped that love would blossom between them. Jessie later stated that she admired the type of guy that was honest like 43 year old veteran Hong Kong entertainer Andy Hui whom can "take care of me, a guy that understands the entertainment industry life and its pressures". But the former J-Girl also said that as long as her future boyfriend asks that they seal the deal on their love, then will she be willing to leave behind her identity as a girl and give her man her respect.

Jessie Chiang's "Clear Up 放晴" MV:

Source: UDN

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