Jerry Yan leaves his “Queen” after all

It was reported back in June that Jerry Yan would play the lead in Next Media’s first ever drama 拜金女王 (roughly translates to Material Queen). Unfortunately NCC turned down the network’s application for an entertainment TV channel last month. To make matters worse, producer Chen Yu Shan announced on her Facebook page that Jerry Yan will no longer be part of the drama. The official reason for his departure was because the two sides failed to agree on a filming schedule. However, producer Chen hinted in her message that Jerry might be focusing on his movie career instead.

Material Queen was supposed to have begun filming in August, but it was delayed until the end of September due to location issues in Taichung and Paris. Jerry Yan’s company notified the production team that he will be doing a movie in November or December. However, Material Queen is not expected to complete filming until January, so they can only part with Jerry and find a replacement. Ethan Ruan and Van Ness Wu are names that have come up as possible candidates for the role. Producer Chen asked fans to continue their support and said they will soon announce their new leading man.  Although some of us secretly wished Lynn Xiong was gone too, the lead actress is still signed on with this drama as of the announcement.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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