Jeff Chang is 4th after first week; Vchuan Chen celebrates 2nd in album sales

Veteran singer Jeff Chang proves that he still has more gas left in the tank. After being in showbiz for 21 years, he returns to his best known ballad style in his latest album, “Genesis”, and reaches fourth place on Five Music’s album sales chart on its first week.

43 year old Jeff expressed, “I don’t care about what type of music it is anymore. I just hope that everyone can listen and hear ‘Jeff Chang’ in the songs.” In his latest single, “Vacant Seat (空位)”, it describes his feeling of loneliness and desire for love; Jeff sighed that he is often busy with work and not a lot of people can stand that, but it's something that he can't avoid.

Singer-songwriter Vchuan Chen Wei Quan’s debut album, “Goodbye, Single”, rises to second place on the G-Music sales chart. It isn’t the only thing that the 26 year old Malaysian singer celebrated; he and his 2 year girlfriend Jenny (not from showbiz), who’s 4 years his senior, has just gotten married on the 19th – despite of Typhoon Fanapi. The couple received blessings from lyricist Vincent Fang, F.I.R, and other artists. Just like in his MV, Abin Fang was the best man at the wedding. Vchuan was moved to tears as he performed his latest single, “Goodbye, Single”. When asked how many kids he would like to have, he replied, "The more the merrier!"

Hebe Tien continues to be in number one this week, while Jolin Tsai is number two and three on Five Music and G-Music respectively.

G-Music album sales chart
1. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / To Hebe
2. Vchuan Chen Wei Quan / Goodbye, Single 
3. Jolin Tsai / Myself
4. Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) / Honey
5. Cosmo People / 001.5 Ming Zhen Tan Bai Gei Xin Shang Ren

Five Music album sales chart
1. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / To Hebe
2. Jolin Tsai / Myself
3. Dong Cheng Wei / D.C.W
4. Jeff Chang / Genesis
5. Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) / Honey

KKBOX singles pop chart
1. Yao Yao / Happiness Is Not Far Away
2. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / "寂寞寂寞就好" (Fine with being lonely)
3. Della Ding / Onion
4. Della Ding / I'm A Small Little Bird
5. Jolin Tsai / Nothing Left To Say

Source: Appledaily

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