Jay Chou takes flight with “Hip-Hop Stewardess”

Forget about J-girls, the President himself has a new music video on the way that promises hotness overload! “Hip-Hop Stewardess (嘻哈空姐)” is the latest track from Jay Chou's “The Era” album to be made into a music video. The song title sounds rather innocent compared to its racy lyrics from his long-time collaborator Vincent Fang. It will definitely make a lot of people wish their painfully long flights can be this sexy.

Unfortunately, “Hip-Hop Stewardess” was left off of the mainland edition of his album because it failed to meet local censorship standards. Although the song won't be officially promoted, a generous budget of $1.3 million NTD was spent on filming the video. It will be included in a future DVD release along with other MV’s from the album.

Since Jay Chou's activities span across Asia and even the US, he spends much of his time traveling from location to location by plane. He was inspired to write “Superman Can’t Fly” and “Diary: Fly for Love”, along with “Hip-Hop Stewardess” to round out the "Flying" trilogy on his album. Vincent Fang completes his vision with witty lyrics that perfectly describe all kinds of mile-high fantasies.

The new music video wouldn’t be complete without a group of sexy stewardesses including Zhong Wu Yen’s Jenna Wang(on the  left) and former HSH girl Lene Lai. Jay Chou transforms himself into a flight passenger, but he wouldn't be allowed on the plane before undergoing an up-close security check by the flight attendants-turned-security officers. Staff members joked, “If there is a real hip-hop airline like this one, every flight will be full!”

We'll come back to update the MV when it's released.  Here's the song:

Source: Nownews, UDN, cyleong01's Channel

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