Jay Chou composes song for Frankie Gao's son Bao-Di

Bao-Di (寶弟), the son of Frog Prince Frankie Gao, has only begun attending grade seven this year, but he has already received a newly composed song by the President Jay Chou. Veteran entertainer Frankie immediately expressed his support for his son, “If Bao-Di is interested, I will help him release an EP.”

Bao-Di has always loved singing and dancing and he has been imitating dance moves from Michael Jackson since he was little. President Chou once spotted the youngster dancing and really admired his performance. Thus, he promised to write him a song. After a few days, Bao-Di really did receive the song.

Frankie commented, “Jie-Lun’s (Jay Chou) song writes about a kid who dreams of singing and dancing. In the lyrics, he also referenced my songs: ‘冬天裡的一把火’ (Fire In The Winter) and ‘燃燒吧!火鳥’ (Burn! Phoenix). Bao-Di listens to the song every day non-stop.” Frankie further joked that he wants to title this new song, “The Second Fire In The Winter” – It’s because his original ‘Fire In The Winter’ was made popular by ‘80’s idol singer Kris Philips in the mainland and no one believed Frankie was the original afterwards. He hopes that Bao-Di can help him ‘reclaim’ his classic hits.

Source: UDN

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