Hebe tops album sales charts; controversy over Jolin's album sales

"Super Newcomer" Hebe Tien Fu-Chen bumps Jolin Tsai out of first place and tops both G-Music and Five Music album sales charts this week with her solo album, “To Hebe”. This year’s GMA Best New Artist winner, Lala Hsu, is third place on Five Music’s album sales chart with her second album, "Limits".

Fans have been questioning the sales of Jolin’s latest album, “Myself”, suspecting her record company Warner Music of buying their way to top the album sales charts. Fans reported that on Thursday night at 11:40pm, Jolin suddenly sold four thousand copies of her album. However, Warner Music denied such claims. General Manager Linda of HIM records responded (in sarcasm), “They (Warner) are setting a very good example. I hope they continue to keep this up.”

Jolin complimented Hebe’s new album and expressed, “A lot of new music is good for the industry. We shouldn’t only focus on sales. The fans know how well our albums are doing, so there’s no need for verbal attacks.”  Jolin and Hebe have been displaying their friendly relationship as they reply and praise each other's albums on their mini-blogs; but the feud between their record companies make things awkward for the two.

Singer songwriter Lala Hsu once thought about giving up on composing new songs due to stress - finding out her boyfriend cheated on her and the pressure from receiving a GMA nomination. Lala expressed, “At the time, I questioned myself whether I really had any talent in composing. I thought it was my limit, so I should stop. As a result, I wrote my thoughts on a song and received a lot of support, so I was able to come out of my low point.” She added, “If I really can’t write any more songs, I will go travel to an unfamiliar city and chat with different people in order to help gain new inspirations.”

G-Music album sales chart
1. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / To Hebe
2. Jolin Tsai / Myself
3. Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) / Honey
4. Chen Wei Quan / Goodbye, Single
5. Leehom Wang / 18 Martial Arts

Five Music album sales chart
1. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / To Hebe
2. Jolin Tsai / Myself
3. Lala Hsu / Limits
4. Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) / Honey
5. Sodagreen / Once In A Lifetime

KKBOX singles pop chart
1. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / "寂寞寂寞就好" (Fine with being lonely)
2. Della Ding / Onion
3. Della Ding / I'm A Small Little Bird
4. Jolin Tsai / Nothing Left To Sa
5. Hebe Tien Fu Chen / LOVE!

Source: Appledaily

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