Hebe Tien becomes a workaholic in her new music video

“Super Newcomer” Hebe Tien Fu-Chen is not only dominating the albums charts, she is also number one in ringtone downloads. Her record company hopes to continue the success with her third single, “你太猖狂 (You are too savage)” from the “To Hebe” album. It is categorized as a “healing” song with lyrics that realistically describe a person's feelings after a breakup.

The music video was filmed in Japan with beautiful sceneries including Mount Fuji, but the shoot was far from a vacation for Hebe. To convey the song’s theme, her character tries to forget her pain by overworking herself. She does everything from handing out flyers, tissues, to even mopping the floors in a bathhouse. She joked that other than singing, housework is the second thing she does best.

The singer had to wear a scarf in the middle of summer in one scene where she had to hold man-made snowflakes with her palms. She later filmed another scene in the shower in which water was poured over her head. Although it wasn’t her first time filming something this, she said, “Getting drenched is not scary, what’s scary is getting drenched and drying it off, and then repeatedly getting drenched again.”

See Hebe hands out flyers/mops the floor/gets drenched/eats a peach with its skin on:

Source: Nownews, Video from HIMservice's Channel

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