Hebe covers Jolin Tsai’s “Dancing Diva” unplugged

Hebe Tien Fu Chen appeared on a recent episode of the popular talk show Kang Xi Lai Le. Although Hebe expressed that it feels a little more lonely without her group mates Ella and Selina, she enjoys being able to promote her solo album, presenting the style of music that she likes.

Hebe opened up and revealed to hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai that she has always been a very rational lover compared to her group mate Ella, “Ella would give everything she has to love someone no matter what kind of person that is…even when he’s a player.” Hebe expressed that she is always able to stop herself from falling deeper into a relationship when she realizes that the person is no good (ie. playboy). However, she would like to try harder now to be less rational when it comes to love as she does “not want to end up being alone.”
Hebe received a "X" from her staff for talking too much about Ella...

On the show, she covered Jolin Tsai’s hit, “Dancing Diva”, in unplugged style. Hebe’s pure and sweet voice won praises from both host Dee and Kevin. Kevin commented, “I think that it’s really the right move for Hebe to go solo because otherwise, her voice would continue to be hidden in S.H.E.” When asked would she feel less enthusiastic now to return to being S.H.E, Hebe answered, “No because I feel that it’s a different singing style so there’s still room for further improvement while I’m in the group.”

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